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  • Nicolas Payares

    Nicolas Payares

  • Mariah Hay

    Mariah Hay

  • Rob Finneran

    Rob Finneran

  • Guido Schmutz

    Guido Schmutz

    Technology Manager @ Trivadis

  • Erin Barnes

    Erin Barnes

    Talent Acquisition professional. I specialize in tech and sales recruiting, along with coaching, mentoring and employee experience.

  • Cole Quartuccio

    Cole Quartuccio

    UX Designer at Pluralsight. Previously at HQ. Snow-surfer and Dog-father. Interested in design, tech, science and nature.

  • Kaushik Sureshkumar

    Kaushik Sureshkumar

    Data Scientist writing about Product Analytics, Experimentation and Causal Inference

  • Trent Morrison (he/they)

    Trent Morrison (he/they)

    Creating human-centered solutions & strategies. Based in Salt Lake City.

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